STAR and Friend Awards

Honor exemplary educators, staff, and community members who have made a difference in your child’s education by participating in the Foundation’s STAR Award and Friend Appreciation recognition programs. With a donation of $25 to the Foundation for Belmont Education — for each award, we will send your honored individual a personalized certificate with the name of the donor and an optional personal message. Every STAR or Friend Appreciation Award will be issued as both an electronic certificate and a hard-copy certificate. Hard-copy awards will be hand-delivered when school is back is session.

STAR and Friend Appreciation Awards are available year-round but make particularly appropriate holiday and end-of-school year gifts.

Donors may also download forms and mail them:

For the Star Award form click here.
For the Friend Award Form click here.

Sample STAR Award messages – if you can’t decide on a STAR Award message, click here for more than 100 sample messages.