BHS Marching Band – Percussion Instruments & Carriers

The students in the BHS Marching Band program at Belmont High School have benefited greatly from the replacement of antiquated marching percussion equipment with new, high quality instruments and carriers. When students perform with these new instruments, they can take pride in knowing that the quality of the equipment we have put in their hands reflects and honors their high level of effort as well as the quality of their performance. The addition of Percussion Carriers to our Marching Band set up allows percussionists to look and sound better in the stands. Instead of having to wear their instrument harnesses or stand hunched over the bleachers in front of them, they can now rest their instruments safely in the carriers that were provided by the FBE. This leads to better musical performances and is generally better for the physical well-being of our students. The carriers also present a more efficient and safer way of handling the new percussion instruments in the stands, which should lead to better maintenance and a longer lifespan for these instruments.

Due to the nature of the normal wear and tear of the instruments and equipment during rehearsal, the new drums and cases add a great deal of security to the students and teachers. The drums are constantly moved out of the building during band camp and in outdoor marching rehearsals. Having proper equipment for marching rehearsals and performances allow students to fully perform their best and with ease. While the cases are not used during rehearsal, the students are extremely careful with storing the instruments properly at the end of each rehearsal. They know the value in the equipment and it truly has been wonderful to see young people take such care in storing their school-owned equipment at the end of each day. Furthermore, when the instruments are transported for performances outside of school, we know that they will be safe when loaded and stacked in trucks and vans. Simply put, the high-quality drums sound excellent, give the students the best chance at performing at a high level, and the cases will allow us to maintain quality for years to come.