T3 =Technology Tools for Teaching Campaign

Launched in January 2008, the T3 campaign was a multi-year $600,000 capital campaign to meet the technology needs of the Belmont Public Schools through the installation of SMART BoardTM technology in grades 4-12 and a new foreign language lab at the High School.

With SMART Boards in their classrooms, Belmont Public School students experience computer technology as a powerful tool for learning, a tool that they can manipulate to explore difficult concepts. In total, more than 100 SMART Boards were purchased installed in classrooms across the Belmont.

“The inclusion of SMART Boards into our classrooms has enabled teachers to provide instruction in new, more meaningful ways. Without the extraordinary contributions of the Foundation for Belmont Education, it would have been extremely difficult to provide this level of instructional technology through the district’s operation budget.” —Steve Mazzola, Director of technology for Belmont Public Schools