Learning Excellence Grant Program (LEGP) awards are intended to have a broad impact on the school system, ideally affecting an entire grade level, subject strand or district-wide need. Successful applications will reflect thoughtful planning, a clear explanation of the content and context of the project, and specific goals for the impact the program will have for Belmont students.

Before applying for an FBE Learning Excellence grant, please contact your Program Committee liaison to discuss the project concept and receive helpful feedback and suggestions for a stronger application.

Important Dates

October 19, 2021
February 10, 2022
April 7,  2022
December 14, 2021
April 6, 2022
June 9, 2022

For FBE Learning Excellence Grant funding criteria, additional application deadlines and announcement date information, please click here.

Grant Application Step by Step

Project Director: The Project Director will select the “Apply Now” button below to be directed to the FBE’s online application form, which is hosted by the Belmont Public Schools, and log in. In the application, the ‘Project Director 1’ will be considered ‘Primary’ and should complete and submit the application. All FBE correspondence will be sent to the Primary Project Director.
Principal/Department Head: Once the Primary Project Director completes and submits the application for consideration, the application will automatically forward to the principal or department head (selected by the Project Director) for review.
Superintendent’s Office: Once the Principal/Department Head has completed his/her review, the application will automatically forward to the Superintendent’s Office for review.
FBE Program Committee: From the Superintendent’s Office, the grant application will be forwarded to the FBE Program Committee. A Program Committee liaison may contact the Project Director for additional information or clarification about the application. The Program Committee will consider the need for the project, the clarity of goals and objectives, the feasibility of proposed plans, the qualifications and directly related experience of the project director(s) and key participants, and the anticipated impact of the project on the Belmont Public Schools.
FBE Executive Committee: The FBE Executive Committee determines the funding that is available for each Learning Excellence Grant cycle.
FBE Board of Directors: The FBE Program Committee presents its report to the FBE Board of Directors; the Board of Directors votes to approve the funding of the grant award.
Announcement: The FBE Administrator emails award or regret letters to each applicant on or before the grant cycle announcement date.
Questions about Applying for a Grant: Please email Angela Chan, VP of Programs, at programs@fbe-belmont.org or the Program Committee liaison for your school or subject area.
If your Application is Approved for Funding: Please click here for important information about awarded grants.
Grant Payment Policy Information:
Please click here for important information about grant payments.
Grant Reporting Requirements
A Final Project Article is required by the date listed on the award documents. Please click here for the Final Project Questionnaire.

Access to the online application form is limited to Belmont Public Schools staff.

Online Application

Please submit your application using the FBE’s online application (link below).  If you wish to print the application before applying or if you are unable to apply online,  please click HERE for a printable version.

Note: On the next screen, you will have to log in with your Belmont Public School account.

You may also access the LEGP application form by going to the Staff section of the Belmont Public School website: belmont.k12.ma.us>Staff>Electronic Forms; select FBE LEGP Grant Application Form

Samples of Well-Written Grants

Frequently Asked Questions

Making a difference in the lives of Belmont’s children by enriching their educational experience has been the Foundation for Belmont Education’s goal since 1993. Consider the impact of your idea: Does it benefit many students? Is it a long-term project or a one-time program?

Collaboration with other teachers and administrators is welcome and encouraged! You might review the list of grants approved in the past to get an idea of previously approved projects.

Please contact the VP of Programs, Kate Ascione, (programs@fbe-belmont.org), Steve Mazzola, Director of Technology, (smazzola@belmont.k12.ma.us) or the appropriate Belmont Public School Curriculum Director to receive feedback about your ideas.

Here are some tips for writing a successful proposal:

  • Brevity is appreciated, but be sure to answer all questions on the application and provide any relevant supporting materials
  • Address the number and type of students who will be affected
  • Highlight how the proposed project will enrich the students’ educational experience. Clearly identify the need(s) to be met by the project and link it to the curriculum
  • If applicable, discuss the program’s reputation, experiences of others with the program, if any, and any connection to existing school programs
  • Complete the budget sheet carefully; this provides the FBE with critical information and demonstrates your readiness to successfully implement the project. Clearly state assumptions used to estimate costs. For larger grant requests, provide relevant back-up documentation and price quotes where appropriate for major items. List any additional funding sources.
  • If applicable, explain how the project will be sustained beyond the grant period (how any equipment or other asset purchased with FBE funds will be maintained, how staffing and resources will be devoted to follow up)

The FBE supports grants of many sizes. As of the 2015-16 academic year, there is one online application form for all requests for Learning Excellence Grants and the $5,000 grant cap has been eliminated. Typically, smaller grant requests benefit a single classroom and larger ones benefit a larger number of students or a grade/subject area.

Funding is subject to availability, as well as a comparison of other grants during the cycle. Based on funding, partial grants may be awarded. It is permissible to resubmit grants to the FBE that have been denied for various reasons.

The FBE frequently accepts repeat grants, especially in cases where the repeated grant builds on the original idea. If you are applying for a repeat grant, be sure that your application form documents the outcome of the original grant and specific benefits that have resulted from it.

Grants may not be approved for a variety of reasons – the teaching philosophy is not in line with the policies of the Belmont Public Schools; the benefits are not clearly evident; the number of students impacted is low; the number of deserving applications is high compared to the funds available in any one grant cycle, etc.

The FBE attempts to fund grants that serve a variety of purposes and populations, so occasionally a grant may be rejected if several grant applications overlap in subject or target recipient.

In some cases, the FBE may feel some parts of the rejected grant need to be reworked. The Program Committee will suggest changes and encourage the applicant to apply in the next grant cycle.

Please contact: VP of Programs, Kate Ascione at programs@fbe-belmont.org, or contact the Program Committee liaison for your school or subject area.