Innovative Teaching Initiative

Professional Development Application

ITI Application Deadlines:
October 19, 2021 with notification December 14, 2021
February 10, 2022 with notification April 6, 2022
April 7, 2022 with notification June 9. 2022

Before applying for an ITI Professional Development grant, applicants should contact their Committee liaison to discuss the project concept and receive helpful feedback and suggestions for a stronger application.

Applications for an ITI Professional Development Grant must be submitted by a Leadership Council member.

Innovative Teaching Initiative Professional Development requests should lead to or enhance innovative teaching practices in the classroom. Requests can include support for:

  • trainings and conferences relating to innovative practices
  • trainings and conferences on utilizing existing technologies, such as SMART Boards, or new tools, such as iPads, to produce innovative classroom instruction
  • curriculum materials related to innovative teaching practices
  • funding for Belmont Public School teachers to work on innovative curriculum and teaching techniques in the summer and/or during vacations
  • funding for Belmont Public School in-district, expert teachers to share their knowledge of innovative and teaching techniques with colleagues, external of their regular teaching duties.

Successful applications will reflect thoughtful planning, help reviewers clearly understand the content and context of the project, and give them the confidence that any Foundation funds awarded will be well spent. They should be clearly related to a high priority issue for the Belmont Public Schools.

Access to the ‘FBE ITI Grant Application Form’ is limited to Belmont Public Schools staff.

Online Application

Please submit your ITI application using the FBE’s online application (link below).  If you wish to print the application before applying or if you are unable to apply online,  please click HERE for a printable version.

Note: On the next screen, you will have to log in with your Belmont Public School account.

You may also access the ITI application form by going to the Staff section of the Belmont Public School website:>Staff>Electronic Forms; select FBE ITI Grant Application Form