Contact a Grant Liaison

The FBE Program Committee members listed below serve as a liaison to the applicants (Belmont Public School staff and administrators). In order to achieve a careful and thoughtful review of every grant application, a Program Committee member is assigned to each school and subject area. Every application submitted to the Program Committee for the FBE’s Learning Excellence Grant program is reviewed and ranked for funding. If a teacher or administrator has any questions about an application or the grant process, he/she should contact the Program Committee liaison for the appropriate school or subject area.

Angela Chan, Vice President, Programs

Liz Albert, Fine Arts

Veronica Armstrong, Chenery Lower School

Kara Banosian, Burbank

Carolyn Boyle, Math

Jim Clem, Social Studies

Bob Fogel, Belmont High School

Nomita Ganguly, English

Allison Goodwin, Chenery Upper School

Eileen Hanson, Butler

Stella Kinyota, Science

Christy Lawrence, Foreign Language

Erin Mahoney, Winn Brook

Deidre Siegert, Technology

Lynne Standish, Wellington

Maya Chandrakasan, Belmont High School Representative