FBE Announces New Investor in Education – Greater Boston Orthodontics

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Foundation for Belmont Education Welcomes New Investor in Education – Greater Boston Orthodontics

The Foundation for Belmont Education is excited to announce a new partnership with Greater Boston Orthodontics. Greater Boston Orthodontics, located in Waltham, Massachusetts, will join the FBE as an Investor in Education.  Investors in Education are corporate sponsors who donate $5,000 or more per year to support the work of the FBE.

Greater Boston Orthodontics, led by Dr. Parul Taneja and Dr. Lokesh Suri, is delighted to join the Foundation for Belmont Education and to be a part of the FBE’s mission. “Our patient pool is from our neighboring communities-including Belmont. We are passionate about educational pursuits and advancement of knowledge. Education of children is pivotal in forging a profound understanding of the natural world, for compassion towards other human beings, and conscious citizenry in the future. We consider it our duty and privilege to support organizations and initiatives that share these beliefs. We are delighted to partner with the Foundation for Belmont Education,” said Dr. Taneja.

Founded in 2011, Greater Boston Orthodontics is a practice built on ensuring a high-standard of care delivery for all patients, with an emphasis on patient and family engagement throughout the orthodontic process. Greater Boston Orthodontics utilizes the latest technology for treatment delivery. Both Dr. Taneja and Dr. Suri, in addition to running Greater Boston Orthodontics, are faculty members at Tufts University, where they teach dental students and post-doctoral orthodontics residents.

“We are thrilled to welcome Greater Boston Orthodontics to the FBE Investor family. We have a fantastic group of corporate sponsors who go over and above to improve education in Belmont and we are excited to work with Greater Boston Orthodontics to make a difference in the Belmont Public Schools. We encourage the Belmont community to come meet our newest Investors on November 4th at the 17th Annual FBE Spelling Bee,” said Stacey Conroy, VP or Fundraising for the Foundation for Belmont Education.