The Foundation for Belmont Education is pleased to provide the following responses to our most frequently received questions. For additional information, please email the Foundation at info@fbe-belmont.org.

The Foundation is a community-sponsored, non-profit, charitable organization run by volunteers. The FBE (legally known as the Belmont Education Foundation) was founded in 1993 to support educational excellence and enrichment in the Belmont Public Schools. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization under the Internal Revenue Code.

The FBE is dedicated to helping the Belmont Public Schools by stimulating community support and awarding grants that promote educational excellence. The Foundation is not a substitute for public support of education through tax dollars. Rather, the Foundation seeks those situations where relatively small amounts of money can make a significant difference in the quality of Belmont’s educational programs.

Since 1993, the FBE has awarded more than $3 million in grants to finance over 625 projects initiated and organized by principals, teachers, and staff. Resources are distributed through Learning Excellence Grants. The Special Initiatives program funds large-scale projects that enhance the educational experience for the entire student body. The Foundation is also committed to supporting teachers and staff through ongoing Professional Development programs.

The FBE is run by a voluntary Board of Directors, including members of Belmont’s public service, professional, and academic communities. Each board member is nominated by the Nominating Committee to serve a term of three years and may serve up to three terms. Once nominated, Board members are formally elected at the Annual Meeting of Members in May. Anyone who has donated to the Foundation in the previous year is considered to be a member and is eligible to vote at the Annual Meeting.

The work of the Board is divided among committees that include both members of the Board as well as other enthusiastic supporters of the Belmont Public Schools. The committees are: Executive, Programs, Publicity, Fundraising, Finance/Audit, and Nominating. FBE officers include President; Vice President, Programs; Vice President, Publicity; Vice President, Fundraising; Secretary; and Treasurer and are elected for two-year terms. This group serves as the Board’s Executive Committee, along with the Immediate Past President. The Superintendent of Schools and the chair of the School Committee serve on the Board of Directors in an ex-officio capacity. The Foundation also has a paid, part-time administrator.

Foundation officers and committee chairs are open to input, suggestions, and questions from the community. Click on the Foundation Officer page for contact information or send an email to the Foundation from the Contact page.

  • FBE (Foundation for Belmont Education) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is a separate entity from the Town of Belmont and from the Belmont Public School system.
  • The Belmont Education Fund was established by the Town of Belmont in 1995 to “supplement current and future needs of our public school system” and is primarily funded by real estate tax bill donations. Donations to the Belmont Education Fund do not benefit the FBE.

The FBE is independent but works closely with the Belmont school department to ensure that grants extend the FBE’s mission while supporting school system goals. Program Committee members are assigned to a specific school or curriculum department, and are responsible for communicating the goals of the FBE as well as the needs of the faculty and staff. In addition, the Superintendent of Schools and a member of the School Committee regularly attend Board meetings.

The FBE welcomes Learning Excellence grant applications from teachers and staff during its semi-annual grant cycles (fall and spring). The FBE Program Committee reviews each grant application in depth, and evaluates each application to determine whether the proposed grant meets the FBE’s funding criteria and is an effective use of its funds. The Program Committee recommends grants based on merit and availability of funds, and the full Board votes to approve all grants. Each spring, working with members of the School Department, the FBE also awards grants to the Belmont Public Schools for Special Initiatives and Professional Development.

The FBE awards money for a diverse array of projects, from small grants that benefit a single classroom to large programs sponsored by multiple teachers designed to benefit the students in an entire grade or school. Grants may be awarded in any area of the curriculum including science, art, physical education, music, and cultural awareness. Recently, the Foundation funded large-scale improvements to the technology program throughout the system.
Grant Summaries from our most recent fiscal year.

The Foundation is only as strong as its supporters. There are many ways to contribute to our mission of making a difference in the Belmont Public Schools: through financial contributions; by participating in Foundation-sponsored events; and by volunteering time in support of our work efforts. To make a financial contribution, please visit our on-line donation area or mail your check payable to the “Foundation for Belmont Education” to P.O. Box 518, Belmont, MA 02478. Donations are tax-deductible.

The Foundation is very pleased to be able to accept Matching Gifts from your employer. The FBE’s legal name is the Belmont Education Foundation; our tax i.d. is 22-3253542. Simply complete and sign the appropriate section(s) of your employer’s Matching Gift form, include it with your donation, and the Foundation’s treasurer will complete the form and submit it for processing. We appreciate your letting us know if you are submitting a request through your company’s online Matching Gift program. If you have any questions, please contact info@fbe-belmont.org

Information on the STAR/Friend Appreciation Program is available here. Awards are available at any point during the year, and donations may either be made online or by downloading an Award form and mailing it to the Foundation at P.O. Box 518, Belmont, MA 02478.

The Foundation welcomes volunteers to participate in events, fundraising, public relations, and clerical tasks. Please visit our volunteer page or email us at info@fbe-belmont.org.