Board of Directors

The Foundation is overseen by a Board of Directors whose members serve for three-year terms. The Superintendent of the Belmont Public Schools and a member of the School Committee assist the Board in a non-voting, ex-officio capacity.

Foundation Officers

Christa Bauge

VP of Fundraising
(Sponsorships & Fundraising Events)
Martha Brown

VP of Programs
(Program Committee  & Grant Information)
Angela Chan

Allison Goodwin

VP of Marketing
(Publicity &  Website)
Lyn Hamer

Melissa Nott Davis

Full Board of Directors

Christa Bauge
Martha Brown
Laurie Bufano
Barbara Bulfoni
Lauren Capitani
Angela Chan
Julia Coelho
Kim Dargon
Melissa Nott Davis
Hannah Fischer
Nomita Ganguly
Michael Gao
Allison Goodwin
Lyn Hamer
Claire Kinzler
Ellen Mahoney
Jennifer Manganaro
Melissa McKenna
Paul Roberts
Emily Running
Sara Townsend

Nominating Committee Chair
Lauren Capitani

Ex Officio

John Phelan, Superintendent of Schools
Andrea Prestwich, Chair, School Committee

Administrator/General Questions

Holly Johnson