FBE Congratulates Jeff Shea, Belmont High School, Massachusetts Teacher of the Year

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The Foundation for Belmont Education (FBE) congratulates Jeff Shea, Belmont High School Social Studies teacher, on being named the 2014 – 2015 Massachusetts Teacher of the Year by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Jeff Shea has been an important partner with the FBE and was instrumental in helping launch the Foundation’s newest campaign, the Innovative Teaching Initiative (ITI).

The Massachusetts Teacher of the Year award is given to a teacher who exemplifies excellent teaching in the Commonwealth. In particular, the DOE recognizes educators who demonstrate leadership in their profession, possess the skills to educate diverse student populations, and who transcend traditional teaching methods by bringing innovation into the classroom. The Foundation for Belmont Education is excited that Mr. Shea’s exemplary teaching has been acknowledged.

Dr. Jeffrea Shea and his global leadership class

Dr. Jeffrey Shea with his global leadership class before the Teacher of the Year ceremony.

During the 2012-2013 school year, Mr. Shea piloted a one-to-one iPad initiative program (funded by the FBE) with his American Studies Honors class. This pilot program served as a trial for the joint FBE/Belmont High School Innovative Teaching Initiative introduced in 2013. Mr. Shea’s success with his pilot program illustrated that innovative teaching and utilization of technology is critical for teaching 21st Century skills to students. The newly launched ITI enables Belmont’s educators to utilize new teaching techniques and leverage technology to engage, motivate, and inspire students and better prepare them for higher education and the 21st century workplace. The ITI is a four-year, $450,000 initiative that is bringing more innovative instruction and tools into Belmont classrooms.

“Jeff Shea represents all the best aspects of the 21st century teacher. He engages students through a student-centered approach and is always looking ahead to how he can improve learning for students at all levels,” said Jamie Shea, President, Foundation for Belmont Education.

Mr. Shea was recognized at a formal award presentation at Belmont High School on Tuesday, May 6th, National Teacher Day.