Special Initiative and ITI Grant Awards

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Foundation for Belmont Education
Special Initiative and Innovative Teaching Initiative Professional Development Grants
Approved May 2016 for FY2017

Belmont High Innovative Teaching Initiative, Year 4 to purchase technology-based learning tools (iPad technology) as part of Year 4 of the FBE’s Innovative Teaching Initiative. $60,125




Systemwide Social Emotional Learning


to continue training in the knowledge and practices of SEL, including instruction in facilitation skills for SEL steering committee members, and a workshop series, which will be led by the SEL consultant. $38,000
Systemwide Studying Skillful Teaching for Professional Development for 2016-2017. $14,500
Systemwide Analyzing Teaching for Student Results to allow four district leaders (evaluators) to attend a course which provides a common language for evaluators and educators to talk about effective instruction, and equips evaluators with the tools and knowledge to support their ability to observe and give effective feedback to educators. $  4,800


Applicant School Title Purpose Amount
Deborah McDevitt Belmont High Creating an International Economics Summit at BHS to provide training for teachers to create an International Economic Summit at BHS and planning time for teachers to develop the curriculum to prepare students to participate in the Summit. $1,635
Elizabeth Baker Belmont High Creating Computer Models in Physics Class to develop computer models of computer code covering each of the 13 units of study in a typical physics curriculum. These models will consist of computer code, written in either the Python or VPython languages, that can control visible objects on the computer screen. $   800



Applicant School Title Purpose Amount
Patty Soliozy Belmont High Project Based Learning in Algebra 2 Honors 1 to implement project based learning into the Algebra 2 Honors 1 curriculum to allow students to demonstrate mastery of content through creative and collaborative methods rather than strict use of formal assessment. $1,200
Lindsey Rinder Chenery Supporting

Our Students Through Nonfiction

to invigorate the English Language Arts curriculum through an inquiry approach to learning, expanding our repertoire of high-interest, non-fiction leveled texts and incorporating current events via online resources, to improve both student engagement and student understanding of the form and function of non-fiction while building background knowledge. $3,360
Elizabeth Baker Belmont High Zoology for the Future to innovate the BHS College Prep Zoology curriculum to align with current research, technology, school and district priorities by researching other curricula and reading materials, creating a framework for the curriculum, and incorporating SMARTBoard and iPad technology into the curriculum. $1,800
Jaynene Dellitt-Young Winn Brook Immigration Unit Development,

4th Grade

to enhance the 4th grade Immigration Social Studies Unit including professional development from Primary Source, planning time to further develop this curriculum, and the opportunity to incorporate a classroom field trip to the Commonwealth Museum and the Kennedy Institute during the 2016-2017 school year. $6,255




Applicant School Title Purpose Amount
Deborah McDevitt Chenery Interdisciplinary Innovation in Grades 5 & 6 using iPads to provide planning time for teachers to apply their learning from the Creating Digitally Curious English, Humanities & Social Studies Classroom training and create interdisciplinary lessons and projects in grades 5 and 6 ELA and social studies classes. $2,000
Deborah McDevitt Belmont High Using GoogleEarth to Extend Student Learning in Modern World History to enable the incorporation of the Google Earth application into the Modern World History curriculum in order to expand the course’s global reach and relevance for students. $1,095
Colleen Foley Belmont High Utilizing Authentic Interviews to Aid Cross-Cultural Proficiency and Linguistic Development to provide French and Chinese teachers with curriculum development time to allow innovative lesson planning integrating the new online resources which facilitate language development and cultural proficiency. $2,000
Jaynene Dellitt-Young Winn Brook Massachusetts Reading Association-MRA 2017 to allow 15 reading specialists and special education teachers to attend the Massachusetts Reading Association (MRA) conference April 6-7, 2017. $4,500
Tricia Clifford Burbank School Open Circle Training for Specialists at Burbank to provide Open Circle Training to specialist teachers at the Burbank School to support the Social Emotional Learning curriculum. $   800
Colleen Foley Belmont High BHS Language Lab Improvements for Collaboration to upgrade the BHS Language Lab system to facilitate improved collaboration, integrate iPad technology, and extend learning beyond the classroom. $12,152





GRAND TOTAL $155,022

Foundation for Belmont Education
Special Initiative and Innovative Teaching Initiative Professional Development Grants
Approved May 2015 for FY2016

BHS Innovative Teaching Initiative To purchase technology-based learning tools (iPad technology). $95,805






District Wide Small Technology Fund To train staff in 11th grade and beyond in iPad related curriculum opportunities and to hire a consultant to provide teacher support during this transition. $10,000
District Wide Social Emotional Learning Program To fund planning for a district-wide Social-Emotional Learning program. $25,000
BHS Innovative Teaching with iPads To train staff in 11th grade and beyond in iPad related curriculum opportunities and to hire a consultant to provide teacher support during this transition. $17,700






Applicant School Title Purpose Amount
Jaynene Dellitt-Young/Janet Carey/Amy Spangler Wellington & Winn Brook Integrating Technology into Reading Instruction and Intervention with the iPad To train reading specialists on iPad applications to assist in their literacy intervention strategies. $1,490
Lindsey Rinder Chenery Project Based Learning: Of Mice and Men Mock Trial To enable the eighth grade English teacher team to collaborate and strengthen the 8th grade “Of Mice and Men” mock trial experience by utilizing community resources and research. $3,360
Deb McDevitt/Heidi Pasternack BHS Innovating Modern World History Curriculum using new Technology and the iPads To attend Ed Tech Teacher training and spend four days doing curriculum development to redesign the Modern World History class with innovative classroom instruction utilizing the iPad. $1,555
Lindsey Rinder BHS Creative Writing: Finding Your Voice To redevelop the Creative Writing Course at Belmont High School utilizing new resources and technologies. $600
Colleen Foley BHS Utilizing Authentic Interviews to Aid in Cross-Cultural Proficiency and Linguistic Development To fund the online program (“This Is Language”) that will be incorporated into the lesson planning in order to enhance the curriculum of the High School Spanish classes. $4,300
Jessica Baron BHS Using “The Physics Classroom” To incorporate a new resource (“The Physics Classroom”) website into the ninth grade curriculum to enhance students’ learning. $800
Patty Soliozy BHS Using Technology to Investigate and Analyze Multiple Representations of Functions in Algebra 1 To integrate technology by adopting a new iPad accessible textbook in the Algebra 1 curriculum and lesson planning for ninth grade students. $800
Arto Asadoorian All Elementary K-4 Music Curriculum Review – Updating and Enhancing the Student Experience To provide working sessions for all four elementary Music Teachers to update and enhance their instructional activities allowing students to learn in ways that are more relevant to today’s students. $1,800
Arto Asadoorian BHS iPad Training, Smart Music and Assessment – Updating and Enhancing the Student Experience To train staff on integrating SmartMusic software into performing ensembles at BHS.   $1,180
Jaynene Dellitt-Young All Elementary Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) Professional Development To provide all four elementary school reading specialists three days of training in Leveled Literacy Intervention to support this system already being utilized in the district. $1,900
Janet Carey Winn Brook & Butler EmPOWER Writing Intervention To send three elementary special education teachers to the EmPOWER Writing Course in order to learn strategies for implementing successful writing intervention, plus six hours each of collaboration time. $2,970
Jaynene Dellitt-Young All Elementary Daily 5 Online Seminar and Study Group To allow 25 elementary teachers to participate in an online summer seminar on the Daily 5 to develop strategies for structuring classroom literacy time. $4,645
Jaynene Dellitt-Young All Elementary Shared Inquiry Course from the Great Books Foundation To provide 25 teachers, specialists and aides in grades 2-4 access to a two day shared inquiry course to in order to have same foundation across all elementary buildings. $5,625
Janet Carey Winn Brook Examining Student Motivation and Learning a New Approach for Teaching Children with Behavioral Challenges To provide a half-day of training next fall for all staff at the Winn Brook school as well as three day workshop for the guidance counselor in Collaborative Problem Solving. $3,275
Amy Spangler Wellington Furthering Growth Mindset Professional Learning To train a core group of staff to become “experts” on teaching and implementing Growth Mindset in the classroom. $600
Tricia Clifford Burbank Open Circle at the Burbank School To train the three third grade teachers at Burbank in Open Circle Curriculum. $3,000